ET Gelände


No Elefantentreffen in 2021 because of COVID 19

There is no chance of approval from the authorities, so we have to cancel the meeting in 2021.

It is not possible to enter the ground!

The next elephant meeting is planned from January 28th to January 30th, 2022.


Under the motto "Backwards for the Future", the BVDM has adopted a seven-point plan.
Thurmansbang-Solla/Loh is situated about 40 km (25 miles) north west of Passau. To get there take the motorway BAB A 3 (Regensburg, Passau). Leave at the exits Hengersberg or Garham. The main roads that lead to the site of the Ralley will be signed from these exits.
Entrance fee is EUR 30,-. BVDM and FEMA Members pay EUR 20,-. The tickets are only sold at the event cash desk on site. The Elefantentreffen is a quiet and very traditional Ralley with no music bands and other corresponding activities. As always there will be a traditional torchlight procession reminding of traffic lost lives and comrades.
For room reservation outside the camp contact following tourist information: Verkehrsamt D-94169 Thurmansbang, Schulstrasse 5, phone +49/8504-1642 or Verkehrsamt D-94513 Schönberg, phone +49/8554-821.

„Rooms and Accomodations"

Have a nice trip and see you in Loh.
seven-point plan to reach the Target "Backwards for the Future"
General information
For general information about the Elefantentreffen please call or email the BVDM-Headquarter (Geschäftsstelle) for further assistence.

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